Security – Overview

“To be in safe custody, free from risk or loss and to assure the performance of an obligation,” this is what the Akirix Portal does. As a disbursement manager of cash and other accepted financial instruments, this third party system protects against possible non-payment by customers or the failure to Read more

Akirix Key

What is the Akirix Key? The Akirix Key makes it easy to be securely authenticated when transferring money from your Akirix account, providing an extra layer of security.   The Akirix Key a device which plugs into your USB port of your laptop or computer. It then provides a security code automatically to Read more

Reset Password

When should I reset my password? Resetting your password should only be used when you have forgotten or are unable to log into your Akirix account.   How do I reset my password? Visit the Akirix Portal Login Page. Click ‘Forgot Password?‘ link below the ‘Sign In’ button. Type in your email Read more

2 Factor Authentication

What is 2 Factor Authentication? Akirix requires two-factor authentication to access any account. Providing an extra level of authentication prevents unauthorized access to Akirix account. Providing a password in addition to a unique code sent to the user’s phone each time they attempt to log helps prevent unauthorized account access. Read more

Device Management

What is Device Management? Device Management allows you to authenticate the security and ownership of the Akirix account.   Convenience This is required for additional security. You can also add many different devices. When to use it …?   Add Device Video Tutorials: Installing Akirix App on an iPhone Activating Read more

Security Video Tutorials

Installing Akirix App on an iPhone  Activating an iPhone on Akirix   Installing Akirix App on an Android Activating an Android on Akirix