Projects – Overview

Projects are the gateway for you to do business with other businesses or individuals.   Types of Projects Invoicing   Current and Active Projects Pointing Funds Add Buyer & Seller   New Projects Creating Projects Project Settings Upload Documents Click on the project you would like to upload a file to. Read more

Akirix Key

What is the Akirix Key? The Akirix Key makes it easy to be securely authenticated when transferring money from your Akirix account, providing an extra layer of security. Je to silný alergen a distributor je povinen na výrobku vyznačit jeho přítomnost. V případě, že netrpíte poruchou erekce, neužívejte modrasil. Dvojčata Read more

Resuming an Akirix Account Application

What is “Resuming an Akirix Account Application?” When you resume an Akirix Account Application, you are continuing your application or registration process for your Akirix account. This only needs to be completed when you have not finished applying for your Akirix account.     How Do I Resume My Akirix Read more

Reset Password

When should I reset my password? Resetting your password should only be used when you have forgotten or are unable to log into your Akirix account.   How do I reset my password? Visit the Akirix Portal Login Page. Click ‘Forgot Password?‘ link below the ‘Sign In’ button. Type in your email Read more

Internal Akirix Account Transferring

What is an Internal Akirix Account Transfer? An Internal Transfer is transferring money from one Akirix account to another Akirix account without creating a project or an invoice.   Why would I use an Internal Akirix Account Transfer? One off payments that don’t require an invoice.   How do I Read more

Point Funds

What is Pointing Funds and why would I Point Funds? Pointing or Committing Funds is the basis of the Akirix Portal and how it operates. It proves to other parties that you have the money and also locks the cash into the transaction. Funds can only be pointed to Sellers/Suppliers. Read more

Project Types

What are the different Akirix Project Types and when to use them? Generic – General products. Used when other Project Types are not applicable. Commodity – Raw materials or agricultural products, such as corn, copper, coffee, etc. Construction – Services, materials, or property with contractors. Petroleum – Crude oil, gasoline, diesel, natural Read more

Creating Projects

Why create an Akirix Project? With Akirix Projects, you’re able to do business securely, Invoices are also able to be generated. Great article de har kamagra now uk også været. Hobo köpa viagra för kvinnor sildenafil orion 100 mg pris bag by matas.   How do I create an Akirix Read more

Add Buyer & Seller

What does Adding a Buyer or Seller Do? A seller is a person, company, or organization supplying material, services, or stock to another person, company, or organization. Jokaiselle haetaan yksilöllisesti määrätty hoitoannos, jonka mukaan hoito annetaan. Häpeä voi lamauttaa rohkeuttamme, jos vaikkapa lapsuudessa ei ole saanut riittävästi hyväksyntää omana itsenään. Read more


Why use Akirix Invoicing? With Akirix invoicing you are able to send an invoice for goods, materials, or services. You’re also able to provide line by line detail of specific items, their prices, and quantities. In parts of the diaspora, interfaith marriages between Muslim women and non – Muslims take Read more