Resuming an Akirix Account Application

What is “Resuming an Akirix Account Application?” When you resume an Akirix Account Application, you are continuing your application or registration process for your Akirix account. This only needs to be completed when you have not finished applying for your Akirix account.     How Do I Resume My Akirix Read more

Reset Password

When should I reset my password? Resetting your password should only be used when you have forgotten or are unable to log into your Akirix account.   How do I reset my password? Visit the Akirix Portal Login Page. Click ‘Forgot Password?‘ link below the ‘Sign In’ button. Type in your email Read more

Internal Akirix Account Transferring

What is an Internal Akirix Account Transfer? An Internal Transfer is transferring money from one Akirix account to another Akirix account without creating a project or an invoice.   Why would I use an Internal Akirix Account Transfer? One off payments that don’t require an invoice.   How do I Read more

OnBoarding Video Tutorials

Creating an Account   Company Details   User Profile   Bank Account Template   Email Verification   Compliance Questionnaire   Required Documents   Agreement & Signature

Security Video Tutorials

Installing Akirix App on an iPhone  Activating an iPhone on Akirix   Installing Akirix App on an Android Activating an Android on Akirix