Akirix Key

What is the Akirix Key?

The Akirix Key makes it easy to be securely authenticated when transferring money from your Akirix account, providing an extra layer of security.
Akirix Key - FrontAkirix Key - Back


The Akirix Key a device which plugs into your USB port of your laptop or computer. It then provides a security code automatically to Akirix.com and verifies that you have access to make money transfers with your Akirix account.



When will I use the Akirix Key?

You will be required to use the Akirix Key if you’ve opted into using it. If you’ve opted into using the Akirix Key, your account will require an authentication via the Akirix Key anytime you initiate a money transaction from your account.



How do setup the Akirix Key?

1. Insert the Akirix Key into a USB port.

Akirix Key - Insert

Akirix Key - In USB


2. Log into the Akirix Platform. Click your company logo located at the very top left of the screen, and click “Authenticators.”

3. Click Activate Button on the row to the right of Akirix Key Icon Akirix Key

4. Press and hold the gold button on the Akirix Key until the activation code is generated on the text field.

Akirix Key - Push Button


5. The code will automatically type the authentication code into the text field.

Activation Code Screenshot


If the device does not activate, clear the text box, and press and hold the gold button on the Akirix Key again.



How do I use the Akirix Key after I have set it up?

1. When prompted for an activation code, for example:

Authentication Required Screenshot

2. Simply insert the Akirix Key into a USB port

Akirix Key - Insert

3. Press and hold the gold button on the Akirix Key until the authentication code is generated.

Akirix Key - Push Button

4. The code text field will automatically populate with the authentication code provided by your Akirix Key.

Authentication Required Screenshot - Filled