Company Profile

How do I set up my company profile?

*Company Photo – To upload a custom company logo, click on the big Camera Icon. Click ‘Choose File‘. Browse and click the logo of the company to upload. Click ‘Select‘ button to finalize the image.

*Account Number – Your Akirix account number will be ‘AKX’ and 5 digits (ex. AKX12345). This will be located at the top left of every page. It will also be located on the Company Profile page, to the right of your Company Photo.

*Description – Enter in a Brief Description of the Company.

*Contact Info – Enter in the best contact information to reach the person that will be using the Akirix Portal (will not be solicited).

*Address – Enter in your business’ physical address. (will not be solicited).


*This will be shared with other companies that does direct business with you on the Akirix Portal.



Preview Pane

To the right of the page, you will see a Preview section. This section allows you to preview what your Company Profile will look like with other companies that your company does direct business with on the Akirix Portal.