Why use Akirix Invoicing?

With Akirix invoicing you are able to send an invoice for goods, materials, or services. You’re also able to provide line by line detail of specific items, their prices, and quantities.


How do I use Akirix Invoicing?

  1. Create a Project.
  2. Click ‘Projects‘ at the top of the page.
  3. Select a Project ID that has a Buyer listed (you cannot create an invoice unless there is a Buyer associated).
  4. Click the ‘New Invoice‘ button, and enter a Nickname (only you can see this) to the right of the page.
  5. Enter the ‘Invoice Date‘, also known as the billing date.
  6. If applicable, enter in an ‘Invoice Period‘.
  7. Click the ‘Add Item‘ button for as many line items you’d like to add to the invoice.
  8. Type in the Item Name, Unit, Price ($), Qty., and Tax Rate.
  9. If needed, upload any documents by clicking ‘Add Files‘ and selecting the file(s).
  10. Click the floppy-disk icon located to the lower left part of the section to Save the invoice for later, or click on ‘Send Invoice‘ to send the invoice immediately.

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