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Create an Akirix ID

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An Akirix ID is your user name for everything you do with Akirix: Create projects, invoice clients, make wire transfers, transfer funds, access your Akirix account, and more. The email address you provide will be used as your Akirix ID each time you log in to the portal.

Read the Akirix Customer Privacy Policy


Account Type

Select which type of account will best suit your needs.

*Separate accounts are required if you choose to conduct personal transactions and business or payer transactions.


Business accounts are for those who will do business as a company, small or large, sole proprietor or limited liability. Business accounts require more documentation including individual ownership of the business account.

  • Documents required opening a business account:
  • Primary Photo ID
  • Secondary Photo ID
  • Utility Bill
  • Bank Statements
  • Tax Documentation
  • W8-BEN
  • Corporate Documentation
  • Akirix Agreement & Terms


Personal accounts are for those who will do business as a single person or individual not working under a business name. You will assume all responsibility and liability.

  • Documents required opening a business account:
  • Primary Photo ID
  • Secondary Photo ID
  • Utility Bill
  • Tax Documentation
  • W8-BEN


Payer accounts are for those who have limit interactions and just need to make a payment on their project. You do not have the ability to create a project.

  • Documents required opening a Payer account:
  • Primary Photo ID
  • Utility Bill
  • Tax Documentation
  • W8-BEN


Company Details

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  • Provide us with your company information starting with your company name, followed by the address your do business from.
  • Enter other company information such as your office telephone and fax number.
  • Input your companies public website address.
  • A valid country tax (EIN/VAT) number is required. Input the number as it appears on your tax forms.
  • If, you have a DUNS number enter it in.
  • *A DUNS number is a unique, non-indicative 9-digit identifier issued and maintained by Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) that verifies the existence of a business entity globally. D&B assigns DUNS numbers for each physical location of a business.


User Profiles

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  • Provide us with some of the basics so we know who will be working with the account.
  • Provide your legal first and last name as it appears on official documents.
  • What is your current job title (example: manager, owner, accountant)?
  • If, you have a direct phone number to your input it or put in your main office number.
    † Mobile numbers are critical as text messages provide you authorization codes to access your account. Make sure the mobile number can receive text messages. The mobile number should be of a device you would have with you each time you access your account.
  • To further identify yourself select one of the identification types listed and input the ID Number from your source.
    † Full passport numbers are preferred, including the last 2-digits.


Bank Account Template

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  • The banking information you are providing will be the bank account, attached to your Akirix account which funds are transferred to and from. (Additional bank accounts can be added, changed, or deleted in your banking control panel after your account is activated).
  • Provide the primary bank inform you will use to initially transfer funds to and from.
  • Account Holder will be the name on the bank account you are providing information for (example: Secure Systems, John Smith, Blue Works LLC).
  • Account Number is the number that belongs to the specific account holder provided by the bank. Confirm the account number is correct.
  • Routing Number (U.S.) is a nine-digit number used to identify a financial institution in a transaction. You can check your routing number here.
  • SWIFT Code (International) is a mix of capital letters and numbers ranging in length from 8 to 11 characters.
    † SWIFT, Society for Worldwide interbank Financial Telecommunications Code, a swift code is recognized with banks around the world.
  • IBAN consist of an alphabetical country code, followed by two numeric digits, and then up to 35 characters that ends with the account number.
    † IBAN, International Bank Account Number is used in some countries to uniquely identify a customer’s bank account.
  • Sort Code is the bank codes given mainly in the British and Irish banking services which routes money transfers between banks based on the respective countries clearance organizations.


Security Questions

  • Security Questions, create a security question the will be used in the case you forget your password or want to access company or personal information.
  • Security Answer, provide the answer to your security question. Only you should know the question and answer.
    † The security question and answer will need to be exact matches when they are used.
    Security questions are one of the security features of Akirix. If you add security questions to your Akirix account, anyone who tries to change or reset your password, birth date, or Akirix account information must first answer one or more of your security questions. Security questions provide an extra level of security, and they help Akirix verify that you are the person requesting access to your account.


Compliance Questionnaire

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  • Charitable Donations are a gift made by an individual or an organization to a nonprofit organization, charity or private foundation. Charitable donations are commonly in the form of cash, but can also take the form of real estate, motor vehicles, appreciated securities, clothing and other assets or services.
  • Personal bill payment, are personal bills that are not considered part of the business and relate only to you personally. Also, referred to as personal “online bill pay” service.
  • High Position political official (Czar), an individual that has in the past or currently holds an official governing and/or political position in any area of the world.
  • What is your area of business, what industry classification does your business full under (Telecommunications, Construction, mining)?
  • Beneficial High Position political official, an individual stands to gain profits that has in the past or currently holds an official governing and/or political position in any area of the world.
  • Lawsuits, persons or business involved in, pending claims, processes, or legal litigations.


Required Documents



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  • Varity of suffocated tools and well trained staff, Akirix’s goes above and beyond to monitor suspicious behavior